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One could say

One could say that I am extremely frustrated about now, and yeah people, I am. But when we get amazing starting pitching, we can’t get a run to save our lives.When we score runs like crazy, then the defense is not showing up. Take your pick, its been happening. The fact that we are only 6 out is a miracle.

We have the Nationals, Astros and Marlins next, so this should be allright, seeming how the Mets have a tougher schedule coming up, must love the west coast road trip.

I apologize for still not having the pictures from the Braves/Phils games on May 3rd-4th up yet. It will happen soon. Been very busy.

Bah, bah, bah

At least the Marlins and Nationals are the next opponents.

Win or lose, I have the best time being a Braves fan. I mean, the games I just saw them play in Philly were so much FUN. We lost them both but I seriously am on cloud 9 everytime I see them. I goto the park when the Phils are taking BP and sometimes a Braves player walks out and I call out their name and they look up, smile and wave. It is such a natural high, to see your team come into town, to hang out at the bullpen and watch the pitchers warm up that you watch on TV. It is so FUN!

Dont get me wrong, I still want this division, but you know what? Even if we dont win it, I am going to look back on the season remembering that in the first two games I went to I got to see Smoltz and Thomson warmup, see the Braves pitchers take swings in BP, have Marcus Giles recognize me yet again, talk to Mike Remlinger, get my jersey signed by Brian McCann and Jeff Francoeur, get baseballs from Marcus Giles, Edgar Renteria, and pitching coach Roger McDowell, wave at Tim Hudson and have him wave back, see Oscar Villarreal (Come on, let me have a female moment!), see Andruw Jones get a home run, see John Smoltz pitch as a starter(Last time I saw him pitch in Philly it was as the closer), and take some really cool pictures that I can’t wait to start posting on here. Will get them up within a few days.

Braves aren’t in Philly until the end of July and by then who knows?

❤ julie


It’s been an interesting week for Braves fans. Between having Giles out of the lineup, Renteria out, and Chipper out too, our infield looks like a AAA game. But we have been getting the job done. Well.

We took two out of three from the Mets (In NY). Not bad, and it included a complete game from Hudson and Davies. Very cool. It gave the pen a MUCH needed rest. It finally looks like our starters are starting to get on the ball, which is nice. So far, the only starter that is concerning me is Sosa, and I am really hoping he gets going soon, because we need him to be on top of his game.

On last Tuesday night, I attended my first regular season game of the year in Philly. The Nationals were in town, and it was a fun game. I was not able to get there for batting practice unfortunately, but I did get to get my baseball from the bullpen. This time, it was not from Joey Eischen (Who did wave to me. So either he remembers me still, or is just nice.), but from bullpen coach, John Wetteland. I had no idea he was their bullpen coach, but I really liked him when he was a pitcher, so getting a ball from him was a thrill in itself. I will go see the Nationals again this year just to try and have him sign it for me. And this was the first time I got to see Tony Armas Jr. pitch!

The next game I am attending will be on Thursday afternoon when the Phils host the Rockies. Should be fun because I have never seen the Rockies yet.

❤ julie

Frenchy and Smoltzie are back

Well, there’s two of our players back in the swing of things. It’d figure that Jeff Francoeur would suddenly snap out of his slump, and I am sure glad he is hitting the home runs while he is at it. Way to go, Frenchy! Sophomore slump is officially history. Or so I think. Hmmm.

Yesterday against San Diego, John Smoltz pitched a complete game shutout. That is just exactly what we needed. Giving the bullpen a much needed rest, and the starting rotation some faith. Smoltzie only allowed four singles in his effort.

And oh yeah in other NL East news, the Mets lost to the Brewers. I know its VERY early in the season, btu I division watch all year long, regardless. We are only three games back now, and we have another matchup against San Diego today. Let’s go, John Thomson!

Go Braves, go!
❤ julie

Frustration building

If I just said that its because the Mets didn’t play "anyone good" yet, then that would be wrong. Because it won’t change the fact that what made the Braves strong last season is proving to be the weakest link so far.

What is WITH this starting pitching? Don’t say that they’re just old. Besides Smoltz, the starting rotation is relatively young.

I’m so frustrated.


End of post.

❤ julie

Some thoughts

First of all, I have to say how excited I am because in 22 days, the Braves have their first game in Philly. It is only a two game series, but I don’t care. It will be a blast, no matter what!

The pitching for the Braves is really starting to come around. Let’s focus in on the bullpen for a moment. Oscar Villarreal is 3-0 in relief appearances, and closer Chris Reitsma is three for four in his save opportunities. Not bad, considering how our bullpen started off last year. Ken Ray has been a pleasant surprise, and even Mike Remlinger isn’t doing too bad.

The starting pitchers. Wow. That’s all I really CAN say so far. Tim Hudson is breaking this little Braves’ fan’s heart here with his first two starts. John Smoltz, well, his first outing was forgettable, but even though he gave up three runs in the second inning of his second start and settled in well, he wound up on the losing end. Jorge Sosa had the worst luck of all the starters with his poor start against the Giants, but to defend him, he DID hit a home run to attempt to help his own cause. Kyle Davies had the best luck of all the starters in the first go round.

Our bats have really been saving us so far. There were games we did not even deserve to win but we got offense when we least expected it from Ryan Langerhans and Brian McCann. They have really been on a roll lately and I cross my fingers they keep up the excellent work. I also cross the fingers that the slump Jeff Francoeur is in will end, and end very soon. He really is pressing up there, and it really *****. But he will get out of it. He needs to soon, with Chipper on the DL. Andruw is picking up right where he left off, Edgar Renteria is proving to be effective as he follows up Marcus Giles in his new leadoff role.

So basically, it’s looking good so far. I think taking two out of three in the season’s first series was a real boost.

Here’s to more blogging and Braves.

❤ julie

Won’t back down

If memory serves me correctly, it was six walks, a hit batter, two singles, a double, a manger ejected, and off and on rain.

And that was in just one half of an inning.

I stayed up late last night to watch the Braves/Giants game, which Kyle Davies pitched in. He went five innings, but gave up three runs, all in the first. Then, unlike every other Braves’ starter so far this season, he immediately settled in. But the bullpen did the job for the most part, but the Giants took an 8-6 lead after six innings, and then the marathon visitor’s half of the seventh began for the Braves.

I couldn’t even believe how the reliever for the Giants had no control. He walked the first three Braves batters on four straight balls each. I wasn’t complaining, but I was wondering why it took so long for the Giants to bother to have someone else start warming up in the bullpen. It was a very funny inning, especially when Andruw Jones totally flipped out after he checked his swing and they said he went. Make that ejection numero uno for Bobby Cox this year. That didn’t take him long to get his first ejection of the season.

Now I am sitting here watching the Giants kill the Braves 8-0.

We’re second in the division. Mets and Marlins are postponed today due to rain, and the Phils are 0-4 and play tomorrow. Nationals aren’t even at the .500 mark. After this, we go to Atlanta for the home opener against the Phils. Then we have the Padres, I believe.

So if we can go home with a .500 or better mark, then I am satisfied.

No I won’t back down.
No I won’t back down.
You can stand me up at the gates of **** but I won’t back down.

❤ julie


I had this really long entry going when AOL booted me and Im not about to repost it.

But I will say this…..

I sure hope the second go round for the Atlanta starting rotation will be better.

I have faith. 🙂

❤ julie