About pabravesgirl

Hi everyone, my name is Julie and welcome to
my blog! I don’t want to give you some generic info about me.
I feel like when you write a blog, you should try to connect
with your audience. Onward… I am 22 years old, and live in
a town 45 minutes southwest of Philly. I love the Eagles,
Flyers, and even though basketball does not catch my
interest, I cheer on the 76ers. But why not the Phillies? Why
are you a Braves fan? When I was growing up, my neighbor was
a Braves scout. He previously did some scouting for the Reds
and Phillies, but from the moment he showed me all his Braves
stuff, I was hooked. I grew up watching Fred McGriff, Jeff
Blauser and David Justice. I got my heart broken when Mark
Wohlers got injured only to not return as a Braves closer. I
lived through the glory days of the “4 Aces” aka Greg Maddux,
John Smoltz, Steve Avery and Tom Glavine. But these aren’t
the same glory days. Adam LaRoche is at the familiar spot of
McGriff. And where Mark Lemke once stood, there is Marcus
Giles, who turns double plays with Rafael Furcal, not Jeff
Blauser. There is no David Justice in the outfield. We have
Jeff Francoeur and Andruw Jones. People who call themselves
experts have put the Braves down a lot the past few seasons,
mostly in 2004 and 2005. Because according to them, without
Greg Maddux, Javy Lopez, and Gary Sheffield, we couldn’t win
the 2004 NL East title. But we did. Same with 2005. There
goes JD Drew. Smoltz can’t possibly go back to being a solid
starter. But he did. And we did. Im sure the same thing can
and will be said in 2006 because pitching coach Leo Mazzone
is gone. But I have faith in Roger McDowell and his ability
to coach. These aren’t the things most of my friends remember
or could sit here and talk about. One could easily say I am a
little obsessed with baseball, well, the Braves. Yes, I am.
But I love it. I guess you have to understand how I was
brought up with this. I remember some of my best Braves
memories were on the days of a summer afternoon game, my mom,
brother and I would go swimming if it was hot enough. We’d
come inside for lunch, and pull out the bed in the couch, put
a bedsheet on it, take out a deck of cards, and play them as
we watched the game. Sometimes we’d make it fun and play
blackjack for each other’s baseball cards. I remember the
time my mom won one of my brother’s Greg Maddux card and he
got very angry. Joe(My neighbor) brought us over “Chop
Talk”(The magazine of the Braves) every month, and my mom,
brother and I read it over and over, and over again until we
knew it by heart. Then the next issue came out. I still enjoy
seeing former Braves succeed. Javy Lopez, Ryan Klesko, Rudy
Seanez(Who had a great season last year for San Diego), Greg
Maddux, Tom Glavine, Kevin Millwood, Denny Neagle, Mike
Mordecai, Tony Graffinino, Michael Tucker, and many others. I
dont just stop cheering them on just because they leave. But
when they play a game against Atlanta, then that’s a
different story. I went to two Braves games in Philly in
2004, and I will never forget that the pitching matchup on my
first game was John Thomson vs. Vicente Padilla. They won.
And the next time I was at a game, I was with my mom, her
b/f, and her b/f’s brother and 9 year old son. I watched
batting practice after talking them into leaving early so I
could watch it. And it was a great decision I made, because
my first experience seeing batting practice was something I
will NEVER forget. It was just so amazing… And I met Rafael
Furcal. (That’s the picture on this blog). And I got a
baseball from John Smoltz after he was done warming up in the
bullpen. My mom’s b/f’s brother sold a car to John before in
Georgia(Where he works and lives), and he took it back to
Georgia to get it signed for me. I love it! And that started
the new tradition I have. Every ballgame I goto, no matter
who the Phillies play, I must get a baseball. One day this
year, I got two balls. One was from Marcus Giles after
batting practice that he handed right to me. And that same
night, Chipper Jones hit a 3 run homer into the Phillies
bullpen, and the security guard in there tossed it up to the
Braves’ pen and Blaine Boyer got it, and since I was the ONLY
Braves fan watching the game from above the Braves’ pen(And
trust me, they knew it), and I asked him kindly for it, and
he turned around and said after the game was over. I never
took my eyes off it, so I know he didnt switch it with
another baseball. But after the 3rd out of the inning, he
walked over to me and smiled and tossed it to me and gave me
a told me “Good catch!” And I thanked him for the baseball he
gave me in July. My Braves’ jersey is quite special. Its been
with me to every Braves game Ive ever attended, and it is
signed by 8 people: Former Brave Nick Green, pitching coach
Terry Pendleton, Rafael Furcal, Ryan Langerhans, Chris
Reitsma, Jorge Sosa(Who by the way is such a wonderful person
who is just over the top nice to the fans), Adam LaRoche, and
Marcus Giles. I could go on all day talking about the Braves.
But I will leave the rest to the blog. Please enjoy your
stay. I know I will… Rock on! πŸ™‚ Julie AIM-


<![CDATA[Baseball-Atlanta Braves, of course! πŸ™‚

Nascar-Bobby Labonte, Tony Stewart, Greg Biffle, and Carl Edwards

NFL-Philadelphia Eagles

NCAA Football-FSU Seminoles and Temple Owls.

I am also addicted to the Olympics, winter and summer.

Favorite male singers-Billy Joel, Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney.

Favorite female singers-Terri Clark, Mariah Carey, Selena(RIP), Jessica Andrews, JoDee Messina, Sara Evans and Martina McBride.

Favorite bands-Styx, Boston, Lonestar, Montgomery Gentry, Chicago, Journey, Rascal Flatts and Brooks & Dunn

Favorite TV shows- Baseball Tonight, NFL Tonight, Gilmore Girls, Family Guy, American Dad, and Grounded for Life.

Favorite movies-Little Big League, Field of Dreams, Cruel Intentions, Legally Blonde, The Sandlot, Rookie of the Year, and A League of their own.