It’s been an interesting week for Braves fans. Between having Giles out of the lineup, Renteria out, and Chipper out too, our infield looks like a AAA game. But we have been getting the job done. Well.

We took two out of three from the Mets (In NY). Not bad, and it included a complete game from Hudson and Davies. Very cool. It gave the pen a MUCH needed rest. It finally looks like our starters are starting to get on the ball, which is nice. So far, the only starter that is concerning me is Sosa, and I am really hoping he gets going soon, because we need him to be on top of his game.

On last Tuesday night, I attended my first regular season game of the year in Philly. The Nationals were in town, and it was a fun game. I was not able to get there for batting practice unfortunately, but I did get to get my baseball from the bullpen. This time, it was not from Joey Eischen (Who did wave to me. So either he remembers me still, or is just nice.), but from bullpen coach, John Wetteland. I had no idea he was their bullpen coach, but I really liked him when he was a pitcher, so getting a ball from him was a thrill in itself. I will go see the Nationals again this year just to try and have him sign it for me. And this was the first time I got to see Tony Armas Jr. pitch!

The next game I am attending will be on Thursday afternoon when the Phils host the Rockies. Should be fun because I have never seen the Rockies yet.

❤ julie


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    **** TYLER YATES. He is a piece of ****. Git him off the team. Oh yeah, if Mccay Mcbride reads this. You hyave not been worth a **** recently either. I like you. I think you could be good, but not if you play like this. T YATES…please dont agree to come into the **** game if you are going to walk three battters and load the bases in the 7th after Chuck James pitched a **** of a game! Just tell the **** bullpen coach that you dont want to play. I would rather hear you say that **** then you lose a game because you cant pitch a **** strike!

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