Frenchy and Smoltzie are back

Well, there’s two of our players back in the swing of things. It’d figure that Jeff Francoeur would suddenly snap out of his slump, and I am sure glad he is hitting the home runs while he is at it. Way to go, Frenchy! Sophomore slump is officially history. Or so I think. Hmmm.

Yesterday against San Diego, John Smoltz pitched a complete game shutout. That is just exactly what we needed. Giving the bullpen a much needed rest, and the starting rotation some faith. Smoltzie only allowed four singles in his effort.

And oh yeah in other NL East news, the Mets lost to the Brewers. I know its VERY early in the season, btu I division watch all year long, regardless. We are only three games back now, and we have another matchup against San Diego today. Let’s go, John Thomson!

Go Braves, go!
❤ julie


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    **** TYLER YATES. He is a piece of ****. Git him off the team. Oh yeah, if Mccay Mcbride reads this. You hyave not been worth a **** recently either. I like you. I think you could be good, but not if you play like this. T YATES…please dont agree to come into the **** game if you are going to walk three battters and load the bases in the 7th after Chuck James pitched a **** of a game! Just tell the **** bullpen coach that you dont want to play. I would rather hear you say that **** then you lose a game because you cant pitch a **** strike!

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