Frustration building

If I just said that its because the Mets didn’t play "anyone good" yet, then that would be wrong. Because it won’t change the fact that what made the Braves strong last season is proving to be the weakest link so far.

What is WITH this starting pitching? Don’t say that they’re just old. Besides Smoltz, the starting rotation is relatively young.

I’m so frustrated.


End of post.

❤ julie



    Nice Braves blog.

    I was a bit frustrated too but we’ve got to keep the faith! That was a good win for us tonight and Jeff is doing so much better now that definetly helps. I don’t know what is up with our pitching either. It doesn’t make since that Hudson, our ace, has three questionable outings. Four runs isn’t too bad but he usually better then that.

    I have faith that we’ll come around though. Theres good streaks and bad streaks!

  2. Christopher

    Hey Julie,
    RadioMans Korner here.

    Congrats on SMOLTZY pitching performence last night.

    I’m just glad he won’t face my METS this week.

    This weeks games I believe will set the tone for the rest of the year.

    Should be alot of fun.

    RadioMan out


    **** TYLER YATES. He is a piece of ****. Git him off the team. Oh yeah, if Mccay Mcbride reads this. You hyave not been worth a **** recently either. I like you. I think you could be good, but not if you play like this. T YATES…please dont agree to come into the **** game if you are going to walk three battters and load the bases in the 7th after Chuck James pitched a **** of a game! Just tell the **** bullpen coach that you dont want to play. I would rather hear you say that **** then you lose a game because you cant pitch a **** strike!

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