Won’t back down

If memory serves me correctly, it was six walks, a hit batter, two singles, a double, a manger ejected, and off and on rain.

And that was in just one half of an inning.

I stayed up late last night to watch the Braves/Giants game, which Kyle Davies pitched in. He went five innings, but gave up three runs, all in the first. Then, unlike every other Braves’ starter so far this season, he immediately settled in. But the bullpen did the job for the most part, but the Giants took an 8-6 lead after six innings, and then the marathon visitor’s half of the seventh began for the Braves.

I couldn’t even believe how the reliever for the Giants had no control. He walked the first three Braves batters on four straight balls each. I wasn’t complaining, but I was wondering why it took so long for the Giants to bother to have someone else start warming up in the bullpen. It was a very funny inning, especially when Andruw Jones totally flipped out after he checked his swing and they said he went. Make that ejection numero uno for Bobby Cox this year. That didn’t take him long to get his first ejection of the season.

Now I am sitting here watching the Giants kill the Braves 8-0.

We’re second in the division. Mets and Marlins are postponed today due to rain, and the Phils are 0-4 and play tomorrow. Nationals aren’t even at the .500 mark. After this, we go to Atlanta for the home opener against the Phils. Then we have the Padres, I believe.

So if we can go home with a .500 or better mark, then I am satisfied.

No I won’t back down.
No I won’t back down.
You can stand me up at the gates of **** but I won’t back down.

❤ julie

One comment

  1. bdw05@aol.com

    **** TYLER YATES. He is a piece of ****. Git him off the team. Oh yeah, if Mccay Mcbride reads this. You hyave not been worth a **** recently either. I like you. I think you could be good, but not if you play like this. T YATES…please dont agree to come into the **** game if you are going to walk three battters and load the bases in the 7th after Chuck James pitched a **** of a game! Just tell the **** bullpen coach that you dont want to play. I would rather hear you say that **** then you lose a game because you cant pitch a **** strike!

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